MVOCorporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means that as a company we bear responsibility for corporate issues such as climate change, working conditions and air pollution. For us, CSR means that we try not to make these problems worse. And we also go a step further. We strive to contribute towards solving these problems. Fortunately, our company is increasingly open towards corporate social responsibility. The demand for durable products and services is rising. As a result, we have more motivated employees, which generally increases work productivity. Concern for issues such as waste separation and energy consumption also ensures a pleasant atmosphere in our organisation.

Durability is one of our core values. We want to contribute to the durable development of the company from an economic, social and environmental standpoint. Consequently, we are integrating ever more CSR into our service provision and operational management. We believe that acting responsibly is vital because we want the best for our customers and the world. We are doing this by gradually making our range more durable and our operational management more environmentally-friendly.

People, Planet, Profit (Triple P)

People, planet, profit are the three core concepts of CSR. The biggest challenge with corporate social responsibility is finding and creating a good balance between the three Ps.

People not only means the welfare of our employees, but also of the whole company. This involves issues such as diversity, participation and codes of conduct. For example, we have a good balance between male and female employees. Everyone can and should also take steps to consider how to play their part. This means that every employee contributes towards issues such as waste separation and responsible energy use.

Profit is not only about the financial achievements of our company, but also about the economic effects of our business activities on the environment. We create work opportunities in the municipality of Oisterwijk, investing in the infrastructure and providing sponsorship. We are therefore affiliated with the local business association to ensure the safety and innovation of the industrial landscape.

Planet means that our business activities take place under certain environmental prerequisites. We pay great attention to energy use and waste separation, and ensure that production processes are applied and implemented as efficiently as possible.

Green vs. environmental business activities

There are various forms of corporate social responsibility: durable, green and ethical business activities. Durable activities put more emphasis on the business than the company. Ethical activities meanwhile emphasise the company. We focus on green and environmental activities. We work towards environmentally-friendly operational management at our location in Oisterwijk. This goes one step further than durable business. We place a stronger emphasis on the environment than on the company. We focus on durability and work in a way that results in minimal environment impact. This is done through activities including:
- Geothermal heating: we use geothermal heating to warm our premises in the winter and to cool them in the summer. This means that The Solution Shop can consider itself almost CO2 neutral.
- Solar panels: the roof of our premises is completely equipped with solar panels. They provide a very large proportion of the electricity we require. Our office equipment, kitchen, forklift and reach trucks in the warehouse, and 100% electric cars at our disposal all use the energy generated.
- Waste separation: all waste and residual materials such as paper and cardboard, plastic, metal and organic waste are kept separate for transit to waste processors.
- Replacement of pollutant substances with non-pollutant substances: we keep records on the choice and use of materials in our internal administration. When purchasing cleaning products, we check that they do not contain dangerous or polluting elements. Both cleaning products and toilet paper are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable.