Binding screws

Binding screws and accessories

Binding screws, also known as book screws or book binding screws, have numerous applications, including for use with colour charts, sample books, catalogues, fabric swatch books and albums. By using them with eyelets or hangers, you can suspend the sample book for neatness and convenience.

We supply both metal and plastic binding screws. The metal tubes and metal screws are supplied separately. You can choose from a screw with an extension, a hammer top screw, or our patented hammer top screw with extension. The plastic binding screws are supplied in standard combinations as a set, consisting of a tube and a screw. We can also supply plastic book screws with holes.

The advantage of binding screws is that they are not permanent and you can therefore update your catalogue. You can also use them in combination with a variety of accessories such as extension piecesswatch straps for binding screwsdistance holderssuspension eyeletscover caps and washers. You can use these products in combination with binding screws in order to populate or update your catalogue as well as hanging it up.

Product specifications of our binding screws and accessories

You can read more about the materials, dimensions and applications of our book screws in the product specifications:


Metal binding screws are supplied in three standard finishes: nickel-plated, brass-plated and black zinc-plated. Other colours are available if required. Book screws can be supplied with coloured heads, on request.

Plastic binding screws are available as standard in black and white. They are also available in other colours, on request.

Capacity and sizes

Binding screws can be used for creating books from 2 to 150 mm in depth. If you make use of a longer tube, you can use extension pieces to allow a capacity of up to 150 mm.

The standard metal and plastic tubes are 5 mm in diameter, so the holes drilled need to be at least 5 mm in diameter. Plastic binding screws with holes are actually 6 mm in diameter.

All the accessories for binding screws can be used with our metal or plastic M4 book binding screws. Only the extensions cannot be used with our plastic binding screws.

Suitable applications

Book screws are ideal for creating colour sample charts, swatch samples and menus.

The metal items in this web shop are intended for use indoors. If you intend to use the items outside, please get in touch with us to find out what options we can offer.


Binding screws are threaded and can be unscrewed. So it is possible to open up your catalogue or swatch book repeatedly and add samples or remove samples before closing it again. The tubes and screws can be tightened by hand or with a screwdriver.

The metal hammer top screws are different; they are for one-off use and cannot be removed.

What makes this product unique?

  • Accurate to 1 mm.

    With our extension pieces, it is possible to achieve accuracy to 1 mm. Our binding screws can be used for bundled samples ranging from 2 mm to 150 mm. When you make use of extension pieces, you can build even larger bundled samples.

  • Can be fitted just by hand

    Both the metal and plastic book binding screws can be tightened by hand or by using a screwdriver. So there is no need for any other equipment.

  • Can always be disassembled

    The majority of our book screws are non-permanent. You can always unscrew your books and then refit the screws.

Functionality of binding screws.

Our binding screws allow you to present your catalogues, swatch books and colour charts in an easy and accessible way. By being able to order the accessories such as the extension pieces, cover caps, post screws carrying handles, washers, tubes, and eyelets for use with the book screws individually, you can customise your catalogues and swatch books to your exact specifications.

Hanging up your books

Would you like to hang up your book? You can do this by using suspension eyelets or book screw carrying handles. These are suitable for use with all types of binding screws. Perhaps you would prefer to use plastic book screws with holes or a swatch fastener. Both have holes through the centre of the binding screw that allows you to feed a chain or cord through.

Frequently asked questions about binding screws

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