Rivets, Eyelets

Rivet and Eyelet uses

Do you want to bind different fabrics in a sample book? Or bind different sheets of paper? Then use rivets or eyelets. Use rivets and eyelets to reinforce, fasten and complete your product. Think of eyelets in sample fabrics, for example. Different pieces of fabric are bound together with an eyelet, which also neatly completes and fastens each one. Or a flat eyelet is used with a swatch or folder.

The rivets come in many types and sizes. Find flattop binding nails, double rivets and automatic rivets in our webshop. Each one has its own particular features. We also supply press fasteners and Pillarz press fasteners ®.

We additionally have a wide range of eyelets, including round, oval and flat designs in various sizes, materials and colours. Our eyelets are mostly used with paper, card, in folders and books, and in presentation cases, as well as in the textile trade and shoe industry. Most eyelets can be ordered with or without a washer. We also have hinged card rings, split key rings and plastic ratchet posts to suit whatever you need to bind.