Manual press

Are you looking for a way to fasten eyelets to your product? Do you want to fasten different rivets? Then our manual press with matching tooling is the solution for you.

Our manual press is used for fasten various rivets, eyelets, press fasteners and Pillarz press fasteners ®. The manual press is used with various tooling sets available separately. Ensure that you order the right tooling for the right rivets, eyelets or press fasteners to avoid damaging the product. Our tooling sets are specially designed for certain items and therefore work perfectly with them.

The advantage of this manual press is that you turn the handle rather than having to press down when assembling items. This is a less demanding way of working. It is important that the press is secured to a work bench or table so that enough force can be put on the press without it slipping.

Manual press green

For the assembly of eyelets, rivets, press fasteners and Pillarz.
Depth of press: 11.5 cm (suitable for standard 32 cm folders).

Important information for your order:
Functions only in combination with tooling which is sold separately.
Please contact our sales department for prices and delivery times of matching tooling

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