Loyalty program: s-credits

User information: Loyalty program S-credits

What are S-credits?

S-credits are bonus points which you can exchange for discount when placing an order.

How do I get S-credits?

Whenever you shop online on www.thesolutionshop.nl , you will be awarded S-credits. The more you buy the more S-credits you will receive – and the higher the discount will be on your next order.

How many S-credits do I have?

Please log in with your user name and password in order to see how many S-credits you have already saved.

How can I use/exchange my S-credits?

You can exchange your S-credits with any next order that exceeds a total of EUR 1,00. Just follow the order procedure and cash in your S-credits at the end of it.

For how long will S-credits be valid?

S-credits do not expire. The Solution Shop is entitled to change this at any time

S-credits: value in Euro's

Saved S-credits      Value in Euro's
50 € 5,00
100 € 10,00
200 € 20,00
500 € 50,00
1000 € 100,00

S-credits terms and conditions

For each EUR 10.00 in your order total, we will grant you 1 S-credit.
The decision when to cash in your S-credits is fully up to you.
S-credits are only awarded on orders placed in our online shop. If you cancel your payment, we will revoke the S-credits awarded.
For orders (partially) paid by S-credits, we will not grant any new S-credits. 
If you partially return orders that you used S-credits for, the value of the S-credits cashed in will be deducted from respective credits/repayment.
The minimum total of your order can’t be below €1,00 EUR after exchanging your S-credits. Your S-credits cannot be exchanged for money.
Newly awarded S-credits cannot be used before the next order.
In case you have multiple accounts/log-in data: S-credits are not transferable since they are awarded for individual accounts. For this reason it’s preferable to use one user account only.
The Solution Shop reserves the right to change its S-credits terms at any time.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.