Velcro, Magnets

Hook and loop fastener and magnet range

Are you looking for a permanent fixture? Are you looking for a fixture that can be fastened by hand? Are you looking for self-adhesive or non-self-adhesive hook and loop fasteners and/or magnets? We have the solution for every graphic presentation method.

Our range consists of various types of hook and loop fasteners and magnets. We have hook and loop fasteners (also known as hook or loop sides) in stock. Examples include self-adhesive hook and loop fasteners, hook and loop fastener discs and sew-on hook and loop fasteners. Types of magnet include neodym magnetic discs, magnet bands and the accompanying metal discs.

Both hook and loop fasteners and magnets are ideal for fastening lots of items and can be opened again to allow items to be added. For example, they are used in presentation cases with a magnetic closing mechanism.