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Binding screws (Book screws)

Binding screws and accessories

Binding screws, also known as book screws or book binding screws, have numerous applications, including for use with colour charts, sample books, catalogues, fabric swatch books and albums. By using them with eyelets or hangers, you can suspend the sample book for neatness and convenience.

We supply both metal and plastic binding screws. The metal tubes and metal screws are supplied separately. You can choose from a screw with an extension, a hammer top screw, or our patented hammer top screw with extension. The plastic binding screws are supplied in standard combinations as a set, consisting of a tube and a screw. We can also supply plastic book screws with holes.

The advantage of binding screws is that they are not permanent and you can therefore update your catalogue. You can also use them in combination with a variety of accessories such as extension pieces, swatch straps for binding screws, distance holders, suspension eyelets, cover caps and washers. You can use these products in combination with binding screws in order to populate or update your catalogue as well as hanging it up.

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